The Ultimate Brush For Your Rims And Lug Nuts

Woolly Wormit Brush

Your rims say, "Thanks!"


An All-In-One Auto and Wheel Brush Cleaning Tool for cars, SUVs,  minivans, pickup trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. 

With a tapered and narrowed tip, the WoollyWormit bendable brush fits in to clean between the spokes, the inner rim, tiny spaces and corners with ease.

You can even bend it to clean the hard-to-reach areas, like the back-side of the spokes.

Woolly Wormit lug nut cleaner

This is nuts!

On the end opposite of the WoollyWormit brush tip is  the handy lug nut cleaner, designed to clean the exposed surfaces of  the lug nuts, and the hard to reach areas of the rim cavity surrounding  the lug nuts. Now, you can finally throw away your old toothbrushes!

The kit comes complete with two sizes of lug nut cleaners and four cleaning sponges for each.

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